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Medicaid is a US Federal and State assistance program for the people of every age. This program varies from State to State as per their policies. It only serves people with low income as they don’t even afford life necessities, so they can’t pay their huge medical bills. However, sometimes a small payment is required in the bills. But there are no monthly premiums required for this Government program.


Medicaid is somewhat the same as you get a Medicare insurance plan for yourself. This program only covers the Medical and Hospital benefits and you get this coverage from the Government.


Medicare is only a Federal Program and serves people under 65 or if their age is above 65 having a disability. People can get the coverage of 80 – 85% in their Medical assistance. If you already have Medicare Insurance and looking for the coverage of your remaining 15 – 20% medical assistance Medicare Supplemental Insurance can help you out in it. All Insurance Shop is partnered with the US Best Insurance Companies to get you enrolled in Medicare Supplemental programs. Medical Supplemental can fill the gap as original Medicare pays for much, but not for all health services. Medicare Supplemental Insurance can help you in paying your Copayments, Coinsurance or Deductibles.  


Generally, the US Government has divided Medicare among Four Parts. Which is PART A, B, C, and D. Let take a look at what these Parts covers;

MEDICARE PART A:  It only covers your Hospital Insurance, Inpatient Care, Nursing Facility Care, and Home Health Visits.

MEDICARE PART B: This part covers the Medical Insurance: Outpatient Care, Doctor Visits, Ambulance Services, and If you need some Medical Equipment.

MEDICARE PART C: It’s a Medicare Advantage. This Medicare Part covers both Part A and B. Mostly; people get coverage of Prescription Drug and Dental Coverage as well in this.

MEDICARE PART D: This part only covers your Prescription Drug.


Medicare Insurance Coverage based on different factors which are mentioned below;

  • The Federal and State Laws you have in your State
  • Decisions made by Medicare for National Coverage explaining what’s Covered or what’s not?
  • Decisions made by Companies in each state that facilitates the Medicare claims in each US State.




All US national or Citizens are eligible and can Buy Health Insurance Coverage through private Insurance Companies despite their age factor. This is a general Insurance process and people can get coverage of maximum Medical Facilities including all Parts of Medicare Insurance. But this can be very expensive if you don’t choose the right company or policy for your Health Care services. Most of the US residents don’t have to buy Insurance directly as they got covered by their employers.

If you are not covered and Looking for Best Health Insurance coverage for you and for family having a right plan is very important.

All Insurance Shop is US Insurance Brokerage Company and we can help you to choose the right plan at very affordable rates.