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Terms & Conditions

All the material present on ALLINSURANCESHOP.COM website, which means all the information and any images available on our website, is strictly for your personal, private, non-commercial use only. You are not supposed to modify, republish, post or transmit anything you acquire from our website, this includes everything that has been downloaded from our site, unless and until our prior consent is obtained in this regard.

Due to potential language differences, all the advertisement statements in any other language other than English might not convey the same meaning as matter incorporated in privacy policy in English. In case there arise a dispute as to the interpretation related to privacy policy, policy written in English shall prevail.

You are bound not to engage in organized retrieval of data or other material from our website ALLINSURANCESHOP.COM. We appeal you not to generate any kind of hyperlink from any other website to ours unless and until it is supported by our prior permission.

Following two segments must be read cautiously and attentively.


Allinsuranceshop.com shall not be responsible for any damages or injuries that you may sustain by using our website. These consist of damages or injury caused by any of the following:

  1. Failure to properly use allinsuranceshop.com or any other website to which youhyperlink from its website.
  2. If there is some sort of an error
  3. If you omit to perform a mandatory step
  4. If there occurs an interruption of any kind
  5. Defect in anything
  6. Delay in operation or transmission due to any factor
  7. Computer viruses
  8. Internet connection failure

*Shall also include anyother cause of damages

Allinsuranceshop.com cannot be held accountable for any direct or indirect losses or damages of any kind. Allinsuranceshop.com cannot be held liable, even if there has been some negligence on our part or if our authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages or both.

Nonetheless, in some states aforesaid limited liability is not legally allowed to us, you might be entitled to recover damages. In any case, our liability against any damage, whether they are claimed as per the contract, or allegedly caused by negligence or some wrongful act or any other legal principle, shall not be more than what you had paid to use our website.


Everything posted on allinsuranceshop.com is free from all kinds of warranties. All the matter is posted on as it is basis on our website. Allinsuranceshop.com does not pledge that all the content posted on allinsuranceshop.com:

  1. Is free from all kinds of errors,
  2. That allinsuranceshop.com is a virus free website.
  3. Data posted on allinsuranceshop.com is correct till a specific date.
  4. All the errors or viruses shall be dealt with by allinsuranceshop.com

Allinsuranceshop.com might have certain links posted on its wall, to various other websites, which could be accessed vide using such links. Allinsuranceshop.com does not take any responsibility of the content posted on those websites. We do not take responsibility for the content posted on websites which contain link to our website you have reached allinsuranceshop.com by using such links.

Allinsuranceshop.com does not guarantee that everything available on our website shall always be available to you. Allinsuranceshop.com has predetermined eligibility criteria to avail the promotions and offers posted on allinsuranceshop.com. We can revoke any offer or amend any content posted on allinsuranceshop.com without any prior notification.


All the data/ information that are collected from users of our websites is subject to our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference into this agreement. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.


Head office of ALLINSURANCESHOP.COM, is situated in New York, USA , hence insurance relevant laws currently in force in the state shall apply in all the legal matters concerning ALLINSURANCESHOP.COM website. ALLINSURANCESHOP.COM website is for the use US citizens only, insurance products available on our website can only be availed by citizens of United States of America.


All the above mentioned Terms and Conditions shall be governed as per the law of state of New York.

If any clause of the contract becomes null and void, it will not have any impact upon rest of the contract, all the other clauses shall be deemed valid, lawful and enforceable.

ALLINSURANCESHOP.COM is at liberty to make changes to the content of the website, without giving any prior notice, by just updating the website.