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4 INSURANCE Policies that you did not know about

4 INSURANCE Policies that you did not know about


There are many times in life when you think about the end of your life. The things you love, the people you love, and the ones who care about you the most. You think about your family. You think about them more often. You think about your recent financial situation, thinking it might be not good for your family to survive. Your children’s education, wedding, backup savings for sudden crisis, these are all essential when you think about your family after your death. I mean come to think of it, it is more convenient if you get your life insured. Your life insurance will make sure that your family will be financially stable after your death. Yes, you would have to pay premiums for a year until your insurance policy has been matured but it is an investment for your family. This will cover the financial needs of your family after your death. All insurance shop will make sure that you select a good company with the right insurance package with all the best services it provides.  Here are a few insurance policies that you didn’t know about:


Term life insurance:

As the heading suggests, in this policy plan you have to pay the premiums of the policy of 10 to 20 years of the term after your death. In which your children can settle really well. They could stand on their own two feet to support their families. If you really think about it, it is a really good policy knowing you would pay the amount for a specific period of time before something happens to you. It is paid in a lump sum amount to your family every year after your death for 10 to 20 years.  It is less expensive than permanent life insurance. It will help keep your family business running as an initial investment for it. Not a bad idea though. You can also pay it for your children’s college fees. They do not have to discontinue their studies because of the money. They can achieve their dreams knowing you left the yearly income for them. They can focus more on their ambitions. All insurance shop brings in all kind of term life insurance.

Universal life insurance:

Universal life insurance does not like term life insurance but it provides lifetime coverage of the beneficiary. Not only your financial conditions will be better but it is like a lifetime salary in a total amount every year for your beneficiary. It is the most expensive but one of the useful life insurance policies. Your children will settle in their jobs but your wife will still spend the money you left behind for her needs. Either she will invest the money in a business, spend it on your future grandchildren or go on family trips. It depends upon the situations that she will face.  Your premium package will be discussed by your insurance agent that All insurance shop will provide you with, no matter wherever you are.  The premium is flexible in universal life insurance.

Whole life insurance:

This policy is not only more expensive than term life insurance, but it is expensive because it covers the lifetime wealth that you collected for yourself or your family. The whole life insurance is insurance for the wealth of your family. It covers the lifetime money that you collected all your life. All insurance shop will make sure to fulfill all the services that you need. It is not hard for us. The whole life insurance premium is fixed and is not flexible at all. You would have to pay the fixed amount every month.


Medicare supplement insurance not only indicates your bad health but it also insures your love for your family. The realization hits you hard, that what if I had a medical condition that would be too expensive for my family to bear. Here comes in Medicare insurance, all insurance shops will provide you with the best companies. It is one of the easiest insurance to gain. Your health allows you to work and earn money for your loved ones. Many employers are provided with Medicare supplement insurance issued by their company. The premium for every month is paid by their salaries. A sudden accident is even shocking emotionally and financially to your family, so your Medicare supplement insurance insures that your treatment and hospital bills are paid by the insurance company. Getting your own health insurance is more expensive than getting it through an employer.


You might have made property while you are doing your job or by saving up your money. When you purchase a loan from a bank for your house, the bank will make sure that your home is insured. This is a required criterion from the bank. All insurance shop will make sure that you get the best service for your home insurance. For many people, the home insurance premium is the mortgage payment for the house. If you rent instead of your own, a renter’s insurance policy is just as important. The insurance of landowners and renters is just as important, in case of emergency fire, burglary it is to ensure the damages could be repairing cost could be covered. Your home is your asset which is very much needed to be insured.


Most of the common and useful insurance is auto insurance. Even if you are in an accident, auto insurance will cover the damage for your car. Most countries stated that it is required to have auto insurance after buying a vehicle of any kind. Auto insurance also covers your medical treatment or the medical treatment of a person that has been injured by your vehicle or defense lawyer for you. The cost of it all is covered by auto insurance which is really effective for you. You can also include rental car coverage in your policy in the event that an accident leaves your car undrivable. All insurance shop will provide you with the best companies with a good premium package according to your income