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10 reasons why we should have insurance policy

10 reasons why we should have insurance policy


Buying an insurance policy is one of the reasons your family would be financially peaceful. It is not only an insurance policy but it is your love and care for them.  Insurance policy is used for many purposes after your death. Death does not come and knock at your door to remind you are going to die. Death would come at the most unexpected time for you. While you are young and just got married and a good job, you might as well thought about your insurance policy for the peace of your family. This world is a harsh place for little children and for women, even in the 20th century. Here are a few main reasons why you should have an insurance policy from all insurance shop:

Replace the lost salary

Life insurance is not only to get the premium but it would pay a yearly income to the beneficiary that you nominate. It works as financial security if you suddenly pass away or are medically unwell. This is the money that your family will need if you suddenly died or if you are the only breadwinner of your family. It will help with your house monthly bills and will ease your wife that an income is coming for the upbringing of your children.

Pay off loansharks

You died doesn’t mean you’re debt that you got for a new car or a new home would be dead as well. If you mortgaged a house with your spouse will mean that she would have to pay the remaining amount all of her life while taking care of her children and other expenses. All insurance shop will make sure to provide you with the best insurance plan with good premium packages that you could afford with your income. Even if you think about it, insurance money could cover that if you were to suddenly die. As I have said earlier death doesn’t come knocking at your door.

Plan your college without worry

I know it isn’t easy to pay for college fees for your child or children at the same time but education is important for your child. Even if the breadwinner of the family has been passed away but if they had their insurance, you can save that money to pay for your child’s college. You will work but the total amount of money to get at once is hard. That’s why insurance money of you could guarantee the education of your child.

Medicare supplement reasons

Your Medicare supplement insurance will make sure you are getting your medical supplies in your old age. It helps covers a few your health costs than the actual cost of the treatment. It covers the cost of the medicines that you will be prescribed with your medical condition at that time.

Business planning

Well, insurance is not only for life but it is also for your business. If one of the investors or partners dies, you would not be the only one in the financial bag for investing in it. It is rather paid by the insurance company to your business. It is of vital importance to have your business insured in case of any misfortunate events. Is your business on the partnership? Well, you both need to have insurance in case of an emergency. All insurance shop is available with the right insurance plan according to the premium package you want, with the best companies on our panel.

Home taxes

Life insurance also covers the estate taxes to your heir. The heir of the estate and the nominated beneficiary of the policy have to be the same person or else it would not be beneficial to your estate heir. If you pass away and left your heir the estate, he or she will have to face estate taxes that would leave him/her with a tremendous amount of tax and no insurance money would be able to cover that up. So your insurance policy would be beneficial to your heir with the estate taxes. All insurance shop will help with the best package according to your estate tax.

Savings that you could touch

It is not only that your insurance could be received when you are dead, but you could also get term life insurance of 20 to 30 years. You could start your savings in your account by paying the premium every month. You could eventually tap into your term life insurance policy to withdraw the money, in case of an emergency. It is not easy to get a large amount of money in a short time in little time. So your backup savings will come and save you from big unfortunate events.

The funeral expense would be covered

When you suddenly pass away or someone who is the breadwinner of the family passes away, there is also the burial ceremony which is also an expense that has to be paid on spot. So insurance policy will also cover that expense for you. You can easily grieve for your loved ones without having any worry about the expense of the burial ceremony.

Premium is affordable

If I can be honest, most people do not buy insurance plan because they think it is too expensive. But in reality, term life insurance is less expensive than universal life insurance. If you are younger and healthier, then the insurance premium is lower than the ones who are smoking or already having a medical condition.

Peace of mind

If you buy an insurance policy then you can rest assured that your family will fight through all the pain of the world, as they would still have your financial support? You can have peace of mind while you are going to sign the papers. Even after your death, you could support your family with the best insurance policy plan with all insurance shop.