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4th July 2020 USA's Independence Day

4th July 2020 USA's Independence Day


USA’s Independence Day is yearly celebrated on 4th July and is known as " Fourth of July". Since 1776, it is the anniversary of the announcement of independence from Great Britain. Family events and patriotic displays are prearranged throughout the US.


As Independence Day is a public holiday, the schools, the general population, and most businesses used to remain closed on this day.


History of USA Independence Day

When In 1775, the people of New England started their fight with the British to get freedom and independence, it was a great struggle. Then at last, on 2nd July 1776, Congress covertly voted for the independence of these people from Great Britain. Then after two days, on the 4th of July 1776, independence was approved and declared, and it was officially documented. It was 1870 when Independence Day was made as an unpaid and official holiday for federal workers. After some years, in 1941, this day became an official paid holiday for these people. However, the "Independence Day" term was used for this day after 1791.

Celebration of Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated with pomp and parades, games, shows, different sports, bells, gunshots, bonfires, and colored lights and decoration throughout the US. However, this year, on July 4, 2020, the parades and other national events are canceled due to COVID-19, as the safety and well being of people of the USA is much more important than any festival or national event.

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